About Us

We, Oyster Pearl Services Pvt. Ltd has originated with the strong ambition of providing very comfortable, appropriate and affordable services and solution to our clients in the field of recruitment and staffing. We are equipped with highly qualified and experienced recruiters who have been handling recruitment’s of middle level to senior level positions over a decade.

We cater to clients in following verticals include Telecom Media & Entertainment, Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare / Hospital, Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled Services, Consumer Services Retail, Engineering,
Manufacturing, Process and Industrial Services and Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology across India.

​Our services are like a fisherman who screens the long stretch of sea for the right Oyster to get his treasure of Pearl, we are here for you to screen from the ocean of candidates to find the exact person (the pearl) to support and celebrate his successful recruitment.

This makes our Company, the fastest growing HR Services Company in India with market leading growth. At Oyster Pearl the team is committed for delivery, we being customer, all our solutions are on built around 3E’s providing a competitive pricing and state of the art delivery to all our customers.

  • Efficiency
  • Economy
  • Ease


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